I quit my job to travel for the past 2 years (Business Insider)

Published by Business Insider

You’ve surely read “I quit my job to travel the world” stories before. This time, I’m not here to tell you how amazing Thailand and India are, though I highly recommend them.

Instead, I’ll let you in on a fast-spreading secret: long-term travel is one of life’s best loopholes (aside from marrying a billionaire, perhaps). Not only is it fulfilling and exciting, but you can be a totally responsible adult and do it, too.

First, the cliché: in March 2016, I quit my job and left New York to travel for a year with my husband (who is not a billionaire, incidentally). We went to Southeast Asia, Japan, Colombia, and Paris. When we hit the one-year mark, we decided there was so much more we wanted to see. (continued…)

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