Phuket is Still a Hidden Gem at Trisara (Hidden Doorways)

Published by Hidden Doorways

Set on 35 acres of tropical gardens and jungle, Trisara’s slice of Phuket is still a hidden gem. The forest is a well-tamed tangle of bamboo, banana trees and frangipani. Walkways wind down the hillside, past ponds of water lilies. At the end of the path comes the beach, a white-sand wonder. Remarkably, all this beauty is a 15-minute drive from the airport.

All beaches in Thailand are public by law, so a little natural intervention is required for a beach to feel private. Trisara’s beach is one of those gifts: a secluded cove framed by jungle at one end and rocks on the other. The beach is a long stretch of sun-warmed sand, shady trees and plush private cabanas. A cool 150-foot pool runs along the waterfront and a floating pier leads to the perfect place to jump into the Andaman. The water is so clear, you’ll see the technicolor fish before you put on your mask and snorkel. When you turn and look back at the resort – maybe from the floating swim dock, stocked with a cooler of cold water bottles – the tops of villas just pierce through the jungle. It’s every bit the hidden paradise Phuket once was.

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