The Aman Founder’s Next Act: An Exclusive Profile (Indagare)

Published by Indagare

Indagare contributor Allison DiLiegro speaks to Aman founder, Adrian Zecha, on his new hotel brand, Azerai, the inspiration behind the project and what we can expect from him next.

It was in the early 1990s that the concept of Azerai was born. Founder Adrian Zecha tells us, “Back in 1992 when I had Aman Resorts, I had the opportunity to create a hotel that had the sensibility of luxury but was a scaled down, simplified version that would cater to a more affordable market.” That resort, called Serai and located in Bali, garnered a cult following. “However, I was busy with so many other projects in Aman’s expansion, I did not have the time to pursue the concept.” (continued…)

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